Toxoid: Aurora Satanae- Album review

Indian Black metal band Toxoid‘s album- Aurora Satanae review-

Black metal is a genre full of mystical atmospheres and neverending evil…eh…well..also the notorious image which was bestowed during the early 90’s. But nonetheless lets get straight into our short review of a short album by a new Indian black metal band called “Toxoid”.

Toxoid 1

The album named as “Aurora Satanae” begins with Baphomet Enraged, well wait, let me tell you about the artwork done by Kunal of Transcending Obscurity, which is infact great with all those erupting volcano and the smoke all around got me into a dark mood, so back to Baphomet Enraged, the song takes around 5-6  creepy seconds to blast on your face which I did not expect truthfully (My headphone is very loud, as in really loud), the song has a very good structure and some grim cold melodies in between.

The album really flows in very well from song one till six, the song writing and the vocals are top notch, but there were a few things which I was not satisfied such as the production which leaves a lot to be desired and the bass guitar was barely audible, but this has been kept this way like the black metal bands of the yore, so I’ll stop whining, people who don’t mind production will love this album, not that I did not enjoy it, I did ! The drums were a bit strange at some parts but mostly okay, the main highlight of this album are the grim melodies that pop in between and the vocals which reminds me of Dark Funeral. The band has worked really hard on this album and it has bore excellent results too.

Toxoid 2

My pick for the best song out of this album would be Demon Lust.

Ratings- 70%

Toxoid is-

Adnan Khan – Lead Guitar/ Vocals

Paul Marandi – Bass

Angad Singh – Guitar


Reviewed by-

Hex (Metaljesus Magazine)

Metaljesus Magazine – Heavy Metal Magazine


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