Black Metal was the stench of death, the terror of darkness and the wisdom of Satan: WERWOLF

Speaking to one of the most controversial black Metal bands, Satanic Warmaster, I speak to the man himself, WERWOLF. Read more as he talks about his upcoming releases in 2015 and his first US shows and lots more-

SW 4

MJM. What were your most influential bands while growing up? What influenced you to play black metal?

Werwolf- I grew up with more traditional Heavy / Thrash / Speed Metal bands, and from there on grew interest towards more extreme styles. What attracted me towards Black Metal was the stench of death, the terror of darkness and the wisdom of Satan.

 SW 2

MJM. There are many great Finnish black metal acts like Behexen, Horna, Azaghal, Sargeist, Goatmoon, Baptism and many more. Tell us more about Finnish black metal scene and also metal scene in general.

Werwolf- There are many respectable bands with several classic releases within the Finnish Black Metal circles. Besides those you mentioned, some of my favoirites are Beherit, Archgoat, Vordven, Nightside, Warloghe, Clandestine Blaze, Azazel and Thy Serpent. Metal Scene overall in Finland is totally out of hands, and infested with shit that has nothing to do with any genre of metal, and I prefer to stay as far away from that current as possible.

MJM. You released a new album ‘Fimbulwinter’ last year. I personally felt the new album had more clear production and was more melodic than your earlier releases. What’s your opinion?

Werwolf- The production on “Fimbulwinter” is of course more majestic and crisp compared to most of my previous works, I felt that this time my new creation needed a more multi-layered and powerful production. As for the melodic aspect, I really cannot say “Fimbulwinter” is more melodic than my other works, as it actually has less melody within the guitarwork than on f.ex. “Strength & Honour” and “Opferblut”.

MJM. Since ‘Carelian Satanist Madness’ which was released in 2005, you have released only two albums, ‘Nachzehrer’ and ‘Fimbulwinter’.Why is there so much delay between the releases of these albums?

Werwolf- I prefer to work on each album as a monument of it’s own without any ties to what I have done before, like an all-new project, and spend whatever time is required to achieve the result my visions dictate to me.


MJM. You have done split releases with many bands like Mutilation, Behexen, Drowning the light, etc. Tell us more about these releases.

Werwolf- In the past I liked doing split releases with bands I revere both musically and personally. Not so much anymore.

MJM. Tell us about the recording process of ‘Fimbulwinter’. Where was it recorded?

Werwolf- The album was recorded at the Satanic Metal Temple here in Lappeenranta, which is the citadel where all the dark creations from the carelian battlegrounds emanate from. We recorded it pretty much like any band would record their album, starting with the drum tracks and finishing with the vocals.

MJM. Many black metal bands these days have been adopting a more modern sound and clear production as opposed to early black metal bands which had very raw production. What is your stance on new black metal bands?

Werwolf- There are still a lot of new bands appearing with extremely raw sound, so I don’t think that is true. I think a more ambitious and powerful sound production without sounding clinical and childishly modern is much more rare to hear than a raw production.

MJM. Along with Satanic Warmaster, you also play for many other bands like The True Werewolf, Satanael, etc. Tell us about these projects.

Werwolf- I have had and will always have several projects to direct my creative impulses towards. However, I want all my creations to stand as their individual entities, so I won’t discuss them in detail here. All I can say is that most of my other musical projects are very impulsive in nature, and don’t demand much time from me.

MJM.  Most of your lyrics dwell with vampirism and werewolves. How do you relate these themes with Satanism?

Werwolf- As a gateway towards the ultimate triumph of spirit and will over the weak herd, the sacrifice of the energies of the lambs and the total wolfish predatory instinct to take what you need to claim your throne on this earth is essential, and thus reflects strongly into Satanism / Devil Worship.

MJM. It’s almost 10 years since you released ‘Carelian Satanist Madness’. What memorable moments can you share about writing and recording that album?

Werwolf – I don’t remember much of it.

SW 3

MJM. You also play for a heavy metal band called ‘Armour’. How do you split time working for so many projects simultaneously and also constantly releasing something by Satanic Warmaster in the form of splits or EP’s?

Werwolf- Armour has been in hibernation for over three years now. As I said above, I create very impulsively, and it is what I want to do with my life, so there is never an issue with having enough time.

MJM. Are you planning on releasing something; an EP or a split in 2015 as well?

Werwolf- There will be some releases in 2015, yes, but initially I’ll focus on live concerts this year.

MJM. Any last words for your fans?

Werwolf- Thank you for the interview! OM KRIM KALI KAYAI NAMAHA! LUX EX TENEBRIS – HEIL LUZIFER.



Interviewed by-

Aumkar Lele



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