Review- Apocrophex – Suspended from the Cosmic Altaar


You might sweat after listening to this record when Manicidic Records will release it on March 10 2015. Suspended from the Cosmic Altaar is a heavy dose of Technical Death Metal from Apocrophex and you can check out two songs  in bandcamp for now.  I would like to admit I needed this album badly. I am a huge fan of death metal and I literally enjoyed every single second from the album. The way the band cooked their elements of technical approach with death metal elements is freaking tasty. You can check it out down here:

The band displayed a unique approach towards their presentation of the record and I assure you will definitely be blown away with their amazing ability to keep on punching you with their heavy ammo of destructive technical death metal. The growls are really heavy and seem to do the magical domination approach with the flawless delivery in terms of instrumental support from guitar to drums to bass. The songwriting is such a beauty in the album, its well mixed and produced with such a unique direction towards the delivery of the album. The record is brutal and heavy and melodic at a parallel form and its unpredictable and can surprise you with its sudden punch of brutality. I would definitely suggest you all to go and check out their single and pre-order the record. I am listening to it over and over again and I bet you will as well.

This is a must listen for all the technical death metal geeks, the album is cooked so perfectly that you might lick everything around you. So pre-order it and keep smashing. \,,/

Tracklist :

1.The Grey
2.Evidence of a Desolate Planet
3.A Sanguine Moon
4.Suspended From The Cosmic Altaar
5.Designs Not Derived From Man
6.The Nine Patterns of Anuu
7.Cycle of Kings
8.Being Dissolved
9.Exposed Organics

Apocrophex is :

Justin- All Instruments/Mixing

Pete- All Vocals/Lyrics

Pre-Order – Bandcamp // BigCartel

Rating – 8/10

Review by – Adwaita ‘Smashhead’ (Metaljesus Magazine)


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