‘An Oath of Blood and Fire’ by TRIUMVIR FOUL- ALBUM REVIEW

The record by Triumvir Foul hailing from Portland, Oregon titled “An Oath of Blood Fire” delivers the raw elements of death metal and you will love it more if you prefer 90’s death metal. It’s aggressive and has a distinct touch of melody which I think is the best character of the record. The record sound really raw and the mixing is insanely done which will take you to old days.


This is a record which you would love to enjoy over and over again; each song carries a different approach and consists of raw materials blinded with insane riffs. The nature of each song is aggressive, thanks to the insane growling and honestly I felt like I am watching the band live while playing the record. The vibe the record carries is extremely raw and direct on your face attitude. I personally like “Silence Continuum” because of its interesting cooking with riffs, solos and a melodic ambiance overall as the song progress.


I must say a dig for death metal fans. I bet you will enjoy the Autopsy cover as well. This is absolutely insanely real and gold record by a two piece band. Check it and keep smashing \m/

Tracklist :

  1. The Vacuum of Knots- 03:59
  2. Abhorrent Depths-  04:03
  3. Silence Continuum- 04:23
  4. Embalmed (Autopsy cover)- 03:23

Band – http://triumvirfoul.bandcamp.com/


Ad Infinitum : Guitars, Vocals

Cedentibus : Drums

Ratings- 8/10

Review by-

Adwaita Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)



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