Here’s a fun interview with Arizona based Hard Rock act- TWINGIANT

Already out with 2 releases (Mass Drive and Sin Nombre), making loud and heavy music, here is an Arizona based 4 piece band, Twingiant!!!

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MJM. What got you guys to form Twingiant? How did the name ‘Twingiant’ come about?

T: Originally Twingiant just wanted to play music that was very loud and heavy without a bassist. That lasted for a little bit and then bass was eventually added. The original line up was Dave and Chris on Guitars and Willie on drums. Then Nikos came along with his guitar and Chris started playing bass. Shortly after that, Jarrod crawled out from the bayou to sing/growl/roar.

The name came from an idea that Chris and Dave ( founding members) of the band had. It was a concept about a space hobo being lost in space and was trying to get to these two giant suns. Hence the name Twingiant.

MJM. Any line up changes since the inception of the band?

T: Yes there have been a few changes since the band started. Willie was the original drummer and Jeff took over due to personal issues. Willie left before any albums were recorded.

Chris– the original bassist left the band and Jarrod took over bass duty along with vocals. Chris plays on Mass Driver and Dave plays on Mass Driver and Sin Nombre.

Lastly, Tony took over Dave’s guitar duty and we don’t foresee any other changes. Ever. We have great chemistry.

MJM. What has been the biggest struggle so far as a band?

T: Well, we haven’t really had too many struggles, since we aren’t a ” national ” act yet. But I’d say, just finding time to tour and practising more than we do. We all have day jobs, so it can be difficult.

MJM. Tell us some bands and artists that has been the greatest influence to you guys.

T: All of us come from different musical backgrounds, which is a great thing. If we were to name a few bands it would probably be Electric Wizard, Torche, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and Venom.

MJM. To have played along with Pallbearer, Windhand, Metal Church to name a few, which band would you guys like share a stage with?

T: Pretty much the bands that we just listed above. Although Black Sabbath and Taake wouldn’t hurt either.

MJM. The 2nd full-length album, ‘Devil Down’ is to be released, what inspired the album.

T: The inspiration for this album just came from all of us collectively. We never really sat down and said” let’s make it sound like this or I want to sound like that”. We just got together, busted ass and Devil Down is the result of that.

MJM .What is ‘Devil Down’ all about?

T: First of all, by the album’s artwork, it’s clear that we’re paying homage to Van Halen. Secondly, we’ve dug deeper into the 70’s heavy rock sound and it shows on this album.

MJM. What do you consider in ‘Devil Down’ to be different from the other two releases?

T: The difference is that we’ve become better musicians and we’re way more comfortable playing with each other. We feed off each other a lot more now than before. But, we still have a long way to go and we’ll get to the level we want to be eventually. Devil Down also has more of the 70’s rock sound that we’re all inspired by. These songs are just the natural progression from the last two recordings. More refined if you will.

MJM. Words are that a split EP is to be recorded. With which bands is the split EP going to be?

T: Yes we do plan on putting out a split recording with Goatroper from Tucson. They’re a great metal band and we’ve become pretty good friends with them over the years. So, doing a split only makes sense.

MJM.  Any tours and shows coming up with the release of ‘Devil Down’ ?

T: We are actually having our album release show this coming Saturday(2/7/15) with Goatroper, Dephinger and The Black Tones. We expect it to be a great time and hopefully we’ll sell some records to help fund our next coming tour that we plan on doing in the late fall.

We’ll be hitting Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Kansas City and Denver.

Their 2nd full length album, Devil Down, on this 7th of February 2015, the album sure will be a treat to the maniacs of the 70s rock. Keep ears and eyes wide open for the release!!


Interviewed by-

Chen Imchen (Metaljesus Magazine)


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