Canadian Folk metal band TROBAR- Charivari: Album review

Review of Canadian Folk metal band- Trobar’s album ‘Charivari‘.

I finally managed to get hold of some Folk Metal of late and I have been pretty much hooked to it. Trobar is a six piece Folk Metal band from the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They have released their album ‘Charivari‘, a massive twelve track album, each track having a unique story behind it.


Their lyrics are in French. I have somewhat managed to understand the lyrics, and I must say that the album is definitely not the one to miss out, even if you don’t understand French. The music is what really kicks out and Trobar will leave you satisfied till the end of the twelfth track.

The album starts of with a soulful instrumental, ‘L’Aube de Tous les Diables‘ influenced majorly by medieval/ traditional Celtic music. This instrumental is nothing less than a masterpiece. Its then followed by ‘Troubadours‘. The vocals by ‘Eric-Albert‘ and flute by ‘Pascale Levesque‘ are the major highlight in this track. The guitars and drums are aggressive yet follow a melodic pattern, hence adding a little progressive touch to this song.

The track – ‘Le Bosquet‘ has heavy bass lines that can be heard prominently. Infact, the song has breakdowns in between backed with a unique style by combining low guttarals/shrieks. The flute / bag piper add a traditional Celtic touch to it. The next song is ‘Ivresse, Notre Dèesse‘ ‘. Its melodic, groovy, with progressive and thrash elements making it one of the best tracks in the album.

The song writing is so unique that the whole album tends to keep you so hooked till the end. Even though, there are many folk metal bands, Trobar is a band, with one of the most unique sounds. I am glad the band has managed to get this right, and has matured in time. The songs to look out for are ‘Neuforteils et dix sous’, ‘Tyran’, ‘Charivari’, and ‘Noctambule‘.

Tro 2

The album ends with, ‘ Pactés À Mort‘. It couldn’t have been a better way to end the album without this track. The bass lines are sure to get you high with track. Its groovy.  The keyboards/orchestral arrangements are amazing and are placed at the right areas. ‘Pascale‘s clean vocals are welcoming. The guitars are traditional and groovy. The double bass drums are jazz influenced and follow their own pattern.

Thanks to excellent production, the band has managed to get the best of it, with this album. I thoroughly enjoyed this album. Infact, I would heard this album more than the band members themselves! ! A class apart. Trobar has definitely made a name for themselves, with the album ‘Charivari‘.

Ratings – 95%

Vincent Roy– Bass
Èric-Albert D’ Astous– Chants/
Pascale Levesque– Chants/Flutes
Alexandre Lev Asseur– Piano/Guitars
Jean-Luc Déziel– Guitars
Anaël Turcotte– Drums/Percussions

Review by-
Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine – Owner /Chief Editor)


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