TACIT FURY album review- ‘A Social Berserker’

Here’s my take on the Russian Deathsters Tacit Fury and their album, ‘A Social Berserker’ (2014).


Tacit Fury, a three piece Russian death metal band formed in the year 2010 released their first full length album ‘A Social Berserker’ earlier this year. At first when I got introduced to this band, honestly I did not expect anything. Since it was a new band to me and it was their very first full length album too.

But when i heard this album, one thing was clear. They absolutely killed it. They earned it. It was loud, groovy and freaking heavy. Tacit Fury is one old school death metal band with total head-banging stuff. This album has 12 tracks. The journey begins with their first track called Lacerated, strangled, Impaled. Song starts with major groovy drum beats and then joined by guitars. As soon as the song kicks off, music starts piercing through the spine giving an adrenaline rush. Guitar Riffs and notes are very catchy and fast. Blasted beats give more power to this song. Guitars and drums are mind-blowing. Mind crushing power Dominance is another song from this album. This song is a neck breaker. Song which begins with intensified drum beats and guitar notes is sure to break few chicken necks. Guitar-riff helps to catch the rhythm. Vocals are just badass in this song. Drums are terrific. Their next song, Release the Lions maintains the adrenaline rush just like the previous songs. Intro of 5th track is completely insane. It’s just all about groove, groove and bloody groove along with the essence of brutal elements. Their track Ferocity Unleashed, unleashes the real beast. Monstrous vocal work is pretty impressive. Music just rams into the brain and brings out the monster which lies within us. 12th track is a cover song from MetallicaCreeping Death. They’ve managed well to turn a thrash song completely into death metal.


All the other songs are just bad ass and killer. This album is a complete package. Wish them all success and glory. Looking forward to more and more Tacit Fury, in the coming days!

Rating- 80%

Enoth – guitar/vocals
imidaZo – drums
German – bass

Reviewed by-

Pranav Swaroop (Metaljesus Magazine)


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