Here is another epic, quick, aggressive, brutal grindcore/goregrind record by DEOAG from Czech Republic , formed in 2012 and features members of Jig-Ai, Ahumado Granujo, Brutally Deceased and Eardelete. The record is absolutely brilliant and will definitely strike your brain to return the energy these guys are giving to you. The record is their third one and it’s almost like an overdose of brilliant grindcore with superb song writing and catchy riffs with various vocal patterns flying all around the record.

The record consists of 20 tracks which contain 1 cover of Entombed, again another brilliantly modified slice of more aggressive force. The fluency and the variations in the record is timely launched and make you go crazy for sure. The groove and the rhythmic attack of riffs and drums are so brilliantly composed and all the songs are so unique in terms of expressing the raw energy within all the tracks. It will be injustice to pick up few songs and discuss about them as all the songs are unique and taking the level of brutality to another level and are meant for the brain who understands the eternity in listening to grindcore. It is absolute chaotic and peaceful record which you don’t want to miss if you dig grindcore or goregrind. I would say even aliens would mosh after listening to this record.

So enough of my blabla, check out the record today! Links are there as usual, keep smashing!

1960038_844442032247861_259421398_n (1)

The Band :

Wokatej – Vocals

Burak – Drums

MrDan – Guitars

Jonda – Guitars

 Album –

Facebook –

Rating – 8/10

Reviewed by-

Evilson Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)


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