Out of all the genres, Death Metal never failed to please me. So here am sharing my 10 best Death Metal songs of 2014. They are not in order and hope you will enjoy! Keep Smashing!

  • Nefarious Conclusion” by Question.

Dark one, with killer riffs. I loved the elements that sounded dark but fitted so well with the riffs and blast beats.

Origin – Mexico |Album – Doomed Passages

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  • Sea Of Thoughts” by Seprevation

I love quick and aggressive songs. This one is definitely one of them. It’s very crunchy I terms of delivery and sounds tight.


Origin – United Kingdom | Album – Consumed


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  • Quintessence Maligned” by Dead Congregation

I loved the variations in wicked riffs and blast beats with growling. It’s a fun song and you can’t deny you will have fun.

Origin – Greece | Album- Promulgation of the Fall


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  • Resonator” by Horrendous

The song sounds brutally raw and you can feel the scratches it makes in your mind.

Origin – United States | Album – Ecdysis


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  • Deathchant Assyria” by Deathronation

The thrash elements in the song give it a new dimension. It’s a nicely written song with various layers in tone and direction.

Origin- Germany | Album- Hollow The Death


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  • The Oracle” by Sadism

I loved the way the elements of old school metal appealed throughout the songs. Killer riffs, technical elements and growls are highlight of the song.

 Origin – Chile | Album- The Ocularis Domination


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  • Praise The Lord of Negation” by Near Death Condition

This is another quick track with lots of technical elements and tight production. The breakdowns and variation in the song is a treat for your brutal ears.

 Origin- Switzerland | Album- Evolving Towards Extinction

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  • Bloodstained Cement” by Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse is known for their speed, technical inputs and killer growls. I think this song suits all the characters you want from the band.

Origin – United States | Album – A Skeletal Domain

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  • Inanimate” by Abysmal Dawn

The approach of the song is very progressive and it’s a pleasant listen with melodic inputs and crunchy riffs.

Origin – United States | Album – Obsolescence

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  • The Macabre God” by Sinister

Death Metal at it tightest form and you will be hooked to this due to its tight delivery of wicked riffs and breakdowns all over in accurate way. This song deserves huge applause for brutal songwriting with tight production.

Origin- Netherlands | Album – The Post-Apocalyptic Servant

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I know am done with 10 songs but if I don’t add the following 2 songs, I will be upset. So here are a couple of special mentions:

  • Mind Crushing Power Dominance” by Tacit Fury

Bone Crashing death metal.

Origin- Russia | Album – A Social Berserker

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  • The Killing Gods” by Misery Index

Powerful and a nice blend in of melody and aggressive mood.

Origin- United States | Album – The Killing Gods


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So I am done. If you have any other songs in mind which are awesome don’t hesitate to comment. Have a good year ahead!! Till next time!

Compiled by-

Evilson Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)


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