If you’ve been following Bhayanak Maut’s progress with the album over the past couple of years you’ll know how they’ve gone about working on this one. You write a story. You write the riffs. A+B=C. that’s it right?


WRONG. This “album” isn’t just a couple of stories and some riffs mixed in. No sir. It’s so much more. I remember meeting the band when they played at my college some 3 years ago, and that was just about when they’d started writing the stories for the album, about how the album was coming along and when it would be out. Standard reply, a year or so.  A year passed, no album. No word about the album. BM played very few gigs.  All was hush hush.

People had given up on asking that the album was being worked on. All we wanted was some good old deathcore with heavy chugging riffs and killer bass lines and groovy drums. And they did give that. They played a couple of new songs at some chosen concerts that they did.  All was well.

And then it happened. Not so much as a word was uttered. The album was released with a single post and the new album art (which is killer stuff). So, after waiting for a couple of days to hear what people had to say, I decided to buy the album for myself. So it’s a pretty straightforward deal, I pay 300 bucks I get The Album, a 118 page PDF file (the stories/Lyrics) and a CBR file containing the same. Good enough.

Bhayanak Maut 2

Now comes the good part. The Album.

17 songs. One album. Many stories. And so the journey begins. I am Man. All glory to the Beard. Genosis. Stage 1: Trema. I’m gonna stop myself here before I head over to name each song in the album, you can do that for yourself. I went through each and every song on the album at least twice. Every time i was listening, I found something I missed the previous time. Subtle time shifts. Mixed time signatures. Chunky, chugging grooves. The very first song of the album, I am Man begins with this insane Buddhist monk chant layered with a Bedouin chant that just scares the living shit out of you. And then it begins. The stories are horrifying, the songs are electric. It is somehow very “BhayanakMaut” in its sound. The vocals on the album are INSANE, by both Vinay Venkatesh and Sunneith Revankar. Rahul Hariharan has done a great job with the drums, they sound massive. My favourite tracks off of the album are XOXOXO, I am Man, It knows and Iku. Insane tracks.

Brilliant, brilliant stuff. Top work on the album, and you’d want nothing less if you worked 4 years on something. Real good stuff right there. Let’s get back to it, shall we?

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Vinay & Sunneith – Vocals | Amidstya & Venky – Guitars | Ishaan – Bass | Rahul – Drums

Ratings- 90%

Headphones on. Press play. Eyes closed. Mind blown.

Review by-
Shreerath Kamath (Metaljesus Magazine)

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