Warfuck- Neantification Album REVIEW

I have another brilliant grindcore record with me which is Warfuck’sNeantification”. The record is fluent and sharp, which surprises me and takes a bow for the brilliant record with only two band members. It’s not always easy to make a sound which would distinctly represent the band but these two crazy pissed off motherfuckers has done it. The record will pass through your ears for sure.


While the listening process of the record, I was eventually getting pissed. This is a pissed off real grindcore album with crazy riffs and uncountable blast beats flowing all around with screams from every direction possible. I would believe if someone jumps from a 100 storey building and survives while listening to this crazy record. The perfect writing skill is really fluent in the record, you can connect with the record and you know what is coming in few second. The quick transition from a level to another level is purely a hit with a hammer somewhere in your brain. The bass lines are thin and it does give the band’s sound a bit of different angle of mix and I bet it sounds delicious. The angry crazy riffs are so well placed with the beats from the drums that you know this is the shit you want to dance to. In the final track the use of saxophone sounded really creepy and kept on hunting my ears, I bet it will scratch for you as well.

Warfuck hails from France and I know France only because of Gojira, Zidane, Eifel Tower and Henry but now I will add Warfuck to it. So check out the record and keep smashing \m/ .

The band : WARFUCK (https://www.facebook.com/warfvckgrindcore)
Nico : guitars / vocals
Mak : drums / backing vocals

Track List :
1.Till The Bones
2.Goût Amer
3.At Least I Hope
4.Hauts Débats
5.Apprendre À Plaire
6.Douleur & Vices
7.La Gloire
8.Millions Of Merits
11.Vivre d’Arnaque & d’Eau Fraîche
13.Pan Crack
14.Route Bloody Route
15.Rondelle (Featuring UROBEN on saxophone & vocals)

Rating- 8/10

Review by-

Evilson Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)


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