After a series of mindless corporate projects and submissions I am back to do what I love to. Album reviews!

Exploring new genres of music and getting an exposure to different styles of composition is such a mesmerizing feeling. As a musician it always manages to keep me on the edge. Neverworld, formed back in 2009 have managed to fuse melodies and heavy metal. Their first EP “Welcome To…” witnessed a very strong response back in 2010 which led the band to come out with their debut album-“Visions Of The Other World”.


One of the distinctive features of this album is, all the songs are theme based, unlike the usual mainstream albums which have random songwriting process like one on Rebellion and other on Hope.
After “Tempus”, it’s instrumental intro.”Visions of the Other World” blew my mind beyond the roof. Such beautiful riffs and thumping rhythmic section kept the groove on!

Pinch harmonics and Squeals are perfectly placed. Lot of “Judas Priest” influences can be noticed across the album. However I feel the production could have been slightly better since the level of music set by the band is quite high.
Vocal range of “Ben Colton” is quite remarkable. “Christina Gajny” in “Blood and Romance” is something which you cannot afford to miss. Job well done!

Mid section of “Ghosts” is beautifully carved out in acoustics.

NW 2

The Wheels of Misfortune” has some kickass licks. Melodically insane leads with sky high notes.
Eminent Reprisals” and “Salt Water Bandits” manage to keep up with the rest of the album.
This Fire” has a sweet melodical intro followed by crunching distortion riffs which concludes with few sweeps. The songs slip smoothly inside you like a whiskey!

The only thing that was bothering was a typical fade-out mix after the end of the each track which was making it quite expect able. But nonetheless, a kick ass album.

Rating- 9/10



Review by-

Mahesh Patil (MetalJesus Magazine)


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