Today I am writing about this wonderful Indonesian Old School Power Metal Compilation, which contains around 19 tracks with a play time of 108 minutes. So it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon for all the metal lovers and especially POWER METAL GEEKS. You are always welcome to blast this when you are bored and you need something to keep yourself simply out of the boredom zone.


The album is a complete package of speed, symphony and heavy materials which almost feel like the songs are blasting over your head like thunderstorms. I am surprised by the insane talents Indonesia having in terms of power metal. All the bands are so tight in terms of say song writing. Mesmerizing vocals and melodic solos, riffs with those super fast blasting drums and a punchy bass inputs are the ingredients of each song. Some of the songs like “Mouth of Fire”, “Stardust Revelation” have some mixtures of thrash elements and strictly follow the traditional style of metal. You will be fantasying while listening to this compilation, ‘Devil’s Emotion, Blue Sky, Message Of Eternity’ among few will definitely give you a symphonic pleasure to your ears. The most important thing about the compilation is no one sounds like anyone, all carries and posses unique sound, tone and expression in their songs are totally pure classy.

It’s a must listen for all those who love to experiment in listening and of course who love Old School and Power Metal in particular. I had a blast while listening to it and didn’t realize when it just got over and believe me I was hungry for more. Indonesia does have some amazing bands in this particular genre more than slam death and all are so dedicated to their materials, it’s wonderful. And one ugly truth is it’s hard to get rid of all those symphonic parts from your head, especially those touches by female vocals. It’s addictive. So old school folks, what you waiting? Blast this out, track details are given, check the bands out! Keep smashing!


* Tracklist:

Disc A
1 Umbra Mortis – 7th Dimension of upheaval (04:39)
2 Lord Symphony – Devil’s Emotion (06:24)
3 Lentera – Mouth Of Fire (04:40)
4 Valerian – Stardust Revelation (03:53)
5 Garuda Force – Blue Sky (05:47)
6 Devarock – Sacred Journey (05:43)
7 Blodwen – For A New World (04:44)
8 Dewi Sherdina – Sampah (04:09)
9 Bon-Bon Soultaker – Badai Kematian (07:59)
10 Nikkisixx Nahom – Degradasi Zaman (05:56)

Disc B
1 Batosay – Horizon (05:23)
2 Sasvrita – Martyrdom or Victory (07:05)
3 Nagantaka – Dream Traveller (06:08)
4 Catch 33 – Ramalan Joyoboyo (05:54)
5 Amytesia – Message of Eternity (05:56)
6 Luminary Symphony – Seravi (07:41)
7 Anubis – Symphony of Frost and Flame (05:35)
8 Sutex Rock – Rock Is Back (04:40)
9 Symphony – Watashinoyume (06:38)

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Review by-

Evilson Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)


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