Armament is an extreme metal band from Kolkata, India, aiming at achieving a very old school, European sound in their music.  Their music is raw, aggressive and lightning fast, inspired by the likes of Slayer, Sodom, Kreator etc. Their lyrics deal with War, Hate, Governments,  Destruction, Human Atrocities. Here’s a track by track review.

Armament being a very active band in Kolkata extreme metal scene and also opening for  bands like the mighty DESTRUCTION and ROTTING CHRIST on this edition of Bangalore Open Air, will be releasing their skull crushing EP very soon. So here is a review of what you can expect.


First song, ‘Hammer of God‘ , good old thrash intro. With lot of influences of old school roots. The 2:16 min song doesn’t waste a Lot of time to put a bullet in your head.

Hammer of God is followed by the ‘Gas Chamber‘. This is my personal favorite song and song is based on a true disaster of a hospital burn down in Kolkata  and the story that revolved around it.  It pretty much implies that the band indirectly talks about the atrocities caused by human ignorance.


The aggressive vocal style , blistering fast blast beat at its best ,and guitar solo is the icing on the cake. This 3:56 min song can blow you out. Gas chamber will choke the shit out of you.

The last song of the pre-release review is, ‘Unstoppable force‘ (Agent Steel tribute). With a very unique vocal style in this particular song can surprise you. The riffs have pretty much added the flavor to the song and needless to say about the drums. They have made a decent cover out of it.

Overall, a decent material, i do have my expectations high on this band as i still look forward to listen to the entire EP. They have definitely, set their standards high with this record, reminding listeners of the good ol’ 80’s thrash.

Rating- 7/10

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Review by-
Tintedillusions (Metaljesus Magazine)

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