“Listen & Die “, is probably the perfect pair of words together for this mind blowing EP titled “Shear Terror” by CROPSY MANIAC. The band perfectly knows what their music appeal to and how it will be reflecting on listeners and hence they said it right, Listen & Die! “Shear Terror” is a perfect result after Grindcore and Death Metal grinded together with some thrashing elements over it. So don’t forget to keep yourself ready for the heavy explosion of blast beats and extremely sharpen riffs shooting towards you like flock of arrows.


The EP kicks off with “Cirque du Absurd”, a crushing one with amazing combination of groove and grinding beats, something you might want to blast for your beloved neighbors. The death metal influences are quiet flawless in the next one i.e “Creepy Things” and the way the song transforms its route from something already extreme to more punchy and more extreme is quiet the specialty of the band. The title track “Shear Terror”, would definitely inspire you to pick up a chainsaw and just destroy whatever bothers you. It’s powerful, thrashing and mostly it’s inspires the beast in you to go wild. “I Strangled Mine”, is definitely the most romantic number I have heard recently. You should listen and find out why. The EP wraps up with “Dawn in the Rotting Paradise” which is a brilliant cover, and I particularly got hooked with the overall groove in the song.


The EP is a quick bite of quality music from the band. Also the band is influenced from horror flicks and they are quiet impressive in creating that feel. It runs for 9 minutes and force you to loop it again and again. The band hails from Portland and it features some amazing musicians, in their words slashing maniacs. So quickly buckle up and get ready to set yourself free in the slaughter. Pick up your weapon and keep smashing \m/

 Rating- 8/10

The Band :

Kevin Reece – vocals & lyrics ,

Street Trash Travis – drums ,

Aaron Whitsell – lead guitar , bass ,

Kevin Herr – lead guitar

Record Label – Dead Beat Media

Links to guide you :

Dead Beat Media Bandcamp –

Dead Beat Media Facebook –

Dead Beat Bigcartel –

Cropsy Maniac Facebook –

 Review by-

Evilson Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)


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