The Furor- ‘Impending Revelation’
album review

Today we have this record by The Furor titled “Impending Revelation”, released in April 2014 under ‘Westernterror Records‘. I was quite hooked with the record due to its perfect mix of Thrash, Black and Death metal in it. So when I looked up into their info, I found out that it’s a one man band, hailed by Dizazter from Perth, Western Australia. The band was formed in 2002 and the record completely reflects the maturity you can expect from a 12 years old band. No doubt the production is killer and as I said, the perfect mix of Extreme Metal.


The album kicks off with “Hammer Hierarchy”, which completely will own you with its slaying tone which I would say give the black metal instinct but soon over driven by crunchy riffs and blast beats and of course the cunning growls which remind me of 90’s bands. The song writing is absolutely brilliant and the way they are put together in every aspect of the compositions is absolute brilliant work by the band. Each song carried a unique feeling towards its song progression. “Summoned Obscurity” and “Seven Trumpets” are best way to define how they are written and mixed up with different influences in the song and sounds completely brutal and tempting. “Corpse Eclipse”, “Black Sorcerer of Sadism” will definitely lick you up with some mesmerizing solos in them and the speed is maintained and guided by the blasts in a bad ass way. I really loved the way “Show No Mercy” kicks off, and literally gives you a kick once the riffs and the vocals starts speaking to you and orders you to be lost somewhere. The album concludes with “The Pentagram Prevails” which again strongly mixes up the influences of thrash and death in a pretty perfect way. I must say the way the solos hit on some part is absolute brilliant. The changes in tempos and the variations are placed so perfectly that quiet make this band very special.

This album is a treat to those who are huge fan of bands who used to rule in the 90’s. The album is so nicely mixed up with Black-Death-Thrash elements that it will keep you surprised and amazed. I am going play this record again and again and may also dig the band’s old releases. Black, Thrash, Death together cooked up so nicely, who is going to ignore it? So, thank us later if you have just discovered the band but now just go and blast the album and keep Smashing \m/.

Band Member – Dizazter – Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Lyrics

Track List :
1. Hammer Hierarchy
2. Inferno Fortificaion
3. Summoned Obscurity
4. Seven Trumpets
5. Corpse Eclipse
6. Diabolic Liberation
7. Black Sorcerer of Sadism
8. Show no Mercy
9. The Pentagram Prevails

TF 1

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Rating – 8/10

Review by-

Evilson Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)


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