I am writing this with the smile on my face, which you have on when you wake up and realize that you had a good night with a woman. (Yes, you got it right). Jig-Ai completely pleased me with their album “Rising Sun Carnage”, released by Bizarre Leprous Productions. The album is owned with ready-to-f**K attitude which owns the taste of super seductive hybrid of death metal and grindcore. The underground scene always gives you a kick and you know you want to be involved in it and enjoy as much you can. The gore lovers are going to blast this record on repeat mode because its explosive, extremely fast and pretty much detailed on whatever note the fingers are licked.


Personally, I listen to very limited number of bands in this genre. I am glad i discovered this band and I hope you will be happy to listen to this roasted album. I can’t go on review each track as it holds 22 tracks with small life but each track is brutal enough to bleed your ears. The album somehow follows a story for me and the way the aggressive nature shifts to some sort of cold blooded nature can easily keep you hooked. The song writing is so perfectly decorated in the album with its perfectly grinded tones with thrashing growls with loads of variations and we can never ignore the gloomy bass notes and blast beats kicking our brain out of the zone to a different world. And the best part each track conveys a different power of kicking you in the zone and you know you have to breakdown into pieces. It will be very much chaotic to imagine yourself in the mosh pit if you are watching this band live. The worst part is I thought I would pick top 5 out of the 22 tracks and I am wrong I can’t pick any as all seems to be at its best and it just left me shattered with no option but just listen and nod the head at 4 nods per sec though I loved the “Animal Revenge” very much.

Jig-Ai hails from Czech Republic and was formed in 2005, which easily give you the prominent view of their maturity and the experience they hold to make this kind of explosive records. I personally find the album directly pointed on your head and then you are welcome to a nightmare of brutality where it’s hard to be back alive. Well I guess I made enough points for you to make your mouse open a new tab and search for the album, but don’t you worry we have links ahead.

The Band-

Brain – Guitars, vocals

Buraak – Bass, vocals

Kaspy – Drums

Connect with the band- Facebook


 The Track list :

  1. Koi Throat Fuck
  2. Ikebana Body Parts
  3. Sumo Sex Instructor
  4. Menstrual Tea Relax
  5. Ten Seconds in a Cunthole
  6. Rest in Piss
  7. Drowned in Budvar
  8. Human Tofu
  9. Rising Sun Carnage
  10. Shitcuntsen
  11. N.G.S.I.T.S.B
  12. Yan Zing Butchery
  13. Ass I Jakta
  14. Detestation
  15. Koza Kura
  16. Hard Cock Cafe
  17. Tantou Kimono
  18. Natural Tits Mafia
  19. March of Jig-ai
  20. Rice Bombing
  21. Animal Revenge
  22. Ejaculation Complete

Rating – 80%

Review by-

Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)


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