IMPERIAL CULT, hailing from one of my favourite parts of this country, has managed to set the standards high for the other bands.


EP kicks off with “Rise of Yalambar”, ”Yalambar” is one of the mythological characters from the epic “Mahabharata”. The melodies and riffs are remarkable, recording quality of the guitars are up to the mark as well. However, I wasn’t very much impressed by the drum tracking. The overall production quality could have been better but nonetheless, a great composition covers it all.

Pains of Mortals” can be a perfect “Wall of Death” opener, guitar fillers are perfectly placed along with double bass. Behemoth and Emperor Influences are often noticed around. Vocals are of top-notch. Melodic guitar solo sums it all. Followed by “The Abnomination” which is more of a rhythm oriented song, double bass and riffs are quite commendable. There are lot different pattern in this song and the structuring has been done right! Song concludes with apocalyptic feel.


Looking forward to catch them live!


Ratings- 80%


Review by-

Mahesh Patil (Metaljesus Magazine)

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