Misanthrope Monarch- [EP Review]

Misanthrope Monarch delivers the perfect death metal we expect from a band based in Germany. In my words, perfectly cooked up with riffs, solos, highly sustained growls which would inject your mood to nod and just keep on doing it. I am glad that this is my first record, I am reviewing for ‘Metaljesus Magazine’, feels great to write about this amazing EP and I bet this EP will increase your hunger for more from the band.

MM 2

It was raining heavily when I began playing the record, “Ash” just took its lead and the melody attached to the song completely captured the whole ambiance. The noise from the heavy rain faded away and the intro just knocked me down. I must say it’s brilliantly written and sounds like a praying mantra before you are going anywhere, for example say WAR or PROTEST. “Crushing The Unbelievers” pushed itself in and the flood of riffs, blast beats and pitched growls flows in like a surprise attack from nowhere. The pattern varies from verse to verse accompanied by melodic solos which definitely suited in perfectly with the song. “Father Sin and The Hollow Spirit”, the last from the EP leaves you quite shattered with some insane load of extreme rockets of death and thrash which would leave you hungry and destroyed. “Disintegrate” fades in with a suspense oriented follow on and I took it as a message, probably to get ready for the future releases which would destroy you more badly. But that’s what we all wish right?

The band kicked off as a solo project and eventually has evolved to a destructive source. The EP also featured Mike Smith (Ex-Suffocation) in drums and it quietly raised the bar for the EP. The band just began its journey and the level of energy it posses is huge enough to explode to the mass. I am certainly looking forward for the future releases by the band.

The members of Misanthrope Monarch are:

Markus Gornik – Vocals
Kristian Göbels – Lead Guitar
Chris Salmen – Rhythm Guitar
Pat Fleischmann – Bass Guitar

Ratings- 80%

With guest artist Mike Smith in Drums.

Track listing :

1. Ash- 1:17

2. Crushing the Unbeliever -3:10

3. Father Sin and the Hollow Spirit- 2:46

4. Disintegrate – 1:15


You can buy the EP from Itunes or Amazon and also stream it on Soundcloud.

Visit- http://www.misanthrope-monarch.com/  to reach the band and express how badly the EP attacked you!

Facebook- www.facebook.com/misanthropemonarchband
Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/misanthropemonarch


Review by-

Evilson Smashhead (Metaljesus Magazine)


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