Nefandus: ‘Reality Cleaver’ album review

Nefandus, hailing from Sweden, is ready to release the third full length opus of occult Black Metal zealotry. ‘Reality Cleaver‘ sees the band hone its unique, ritualistic and infectious music and delivers it in a deceptively paced fervour. The new album features artwork by Iblis Art and lyrical contributions from Grim Vindkall (Domgard, Snakeskin Angels), J.K. (Ofermod, Mortuus) and Vaerulv, as well as special vocals done by Thomas Sabbathi (Griftegard and Year of the Goat). Suffice to say, this piece of art is laden with promise.


This 8 track opus starts off with “Verses of the Chaoverse“, a relatively slow track to set things off. The sound is very classic black metal. Very old school types. The vocals are low strangled growls, goes very, very well with the style of music they play. The albums have a very dark, traditional black metal type feel to them. Any metalhead who appreciates black metal would love this album. Whether a novice or a veteran of black metal music, this one hits the spots for everyone. The title track especially is quite amazing. Undoubtedly, one of my favourite tracks off of the album. Personally, the reason I liked this album is the sound. The classic, back to roots black metal feel is just perfect in my book. A job well done indeed.

Songs to watch out for from this album would be “Verses of the Chaoverse“, ” Reality Cleaver” and “Qayin’s Hunt“. I feel it could have been a bit better, some loose ends to be tied up yet. On the whole, an amazing album. I recommend giving it a listen!

Rate- 70%

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Review by –

Shreerat Kamath (Metaljesus Magazine)


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