Wintergate- ‘Dis-Illumination” EP Review

Hailing from Jaipur, India, I had read about this band, WINERGATE much before their EP “Dis-Illumination” on my table for review. Honestly, this was the first band I had ever heard hailing from that region, but, nonetheless I was sure this would be one of the Transcending Obscurity’s finest.

 WG 2

Winter Gate have played major Festivals around the country, have aired on French radio thrice, twice on New York Rock Radio and once on Indonesian Radio. Further more, they have been featured on more than 3 compilations, various e-magazines and Newspapers over various times over these 7 Years of Winter Gate’s existence.


The EP kicks off with more like an intro track titled “Beyond the Light”, a pure melodic masterpiece. With few DSBM and progressive elements in it, the band has manages to create a mesmerizing feeling.


Eventually, as it concludes, “A Wreath of Mist” reflects the amazing production work on the EP. Let it be Vocals, screaming or mellow guitars or the cymbals, production manages to stay top class.11 minute long track manages to showcase a lot of progressive death metal, few odd time signatures around. Guitar solos are placed as perfect fillers instead of aimlessly sweeping here and there.  Track fades out on acoustics and clean vocals. Timing of transition is commendable.




Death’s Embrace” manages to stay on level with the previous track. 12:28 minutes of pure black metal with thrash elements. Striking feature of the this track is riffs are barely repetitive which eventually keeps you on your toes.
Looking forward to check out this band live.


Ratings- 90%


Current Line-up – 
Devashish Dutt – Guitar/Vocals 
Krishanu Bora – Guitar 
Mandeep Yadav – Bass 
Sudeep Saxena – Drums and Percussion 


Winter Gate- Facebook


Review by-

Mahesh Patil (Metaljesus Magazine)

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