Atmospheric Doom Metal band ‘Luna’ release their ‘Ashes to Ashes’.

Luna from Ukraine has released something outstanding – one song, 57 minutes of continuous, ever-evolving crushing yet atmospheric music. Similar in intent to Monolithe and Ea, epic is the word. This music is a testament to the fact that music can be as dramatic as to conjure images like a movie in your mind, with scenes ranging from a downcast pouring to the uplifting of a human spirit. Everything is there. Ashes to Ashes.


Indeed, as the song starts (or the album starts, same thing in this instance) it immediately conjures images in your mind. That’s the beauty of metal, you can let your imaginations run wild, and each listener can interpret it as their mind leads them to. When I listen to this song, I can imagine a battle. A grave battle occurring, warriors fighting, a hero lies wounded, his warriors look on with dreaded eyes as their hero lies in the throes of death. And that’s just the beginning of the story. Its a god damn movie, right in your mind. You decide the story, you decide what happens, you decide the outcome, you decide the end. And if you could see what I see, its a fucking blockbuster right there. Top notch music. One hour of atmospheric instrumental metal. Absolute bliss. When I hear it, its a journey. Filled with ups and downs. Troubles, hardships, struggles. And then you reach that aspired place, your purification, edification. Your upliftment. You can feel it, as you hear the song. Somehow, I can imagine Arthas from Warcraft, standing there with Frostmourne, feeling victorious yet doomed. Powerful stuff.

The album is amazing. The song is amazing. One song, one journey, one movie, many images. It baffles me to think how one can pull this off. Amazing, amazing work. I tip my hat to them. Highly recommend hearing this one, whether you like the genre or not. This one will definitely change your mind.

Review by-

Shreerath Kamath (Metaljesus Magazine)

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