‘Rollin Rodeo’ release their new album, ‘Fantasy World’.

Rollin Rodeo, a group founded by Tom Rodeo. The group have their roots from France, Paris. A band that is relatively new to music world when compared to their inspirational bands. Which can frankly be seen as two sides of the same coin.


Their latest album named Fantasy World might actually be something to look forward to by classical rock lovers. The band draws their inspirations from Guns and Roses and Motley Crüe. The bands latest album is actually quite different from Guns and Roses or any rock band for that matter. The first listen will clearly give this feeling but as time progresses, their similarities actually do grow on one and become more prominent.

This is album of theirs fives a feeling that the different elements of their songs don’t actually come together in most of their segments. The heavy riffs are nice by themselves but for some reason they infuse vocals that don’t complement each other. Their solos are pretty much entirely placed in one scale of the guitar. They don’t seem to try and move out a zone in a song. Segments of vocals are considerably deeper. The fluctuations are rare, but the instances where the vocal attacks are on display, they don’t seem to harmonize. The band continues with their jerky guitar solos without considering about moving up or down the scale. After listening to the whole album a number of times, their solos are very repetitive. Rock solos are repetitive on some levels but these people seemed have gone way beyond that so called normal level.

The drums on the other hand are very stable and stick on to the rock technique very well. The drummer seems to be the only one who wants to stick to what a strong rock band would want to aspire in the future. The drum sounds do give a very nice ring to the intro riff and through the whole song. It’s kept simple and kept clean which seems like a very nice way to go for this particular album and has actually worked for the better of them.

The lyrics and actual song writing are appreciated but the way the vocalist puts them through is not. His voice tone should try and express the lyrics and should not modulate a lot like they do. Expressing the lyrics through voice seems a lot like country but they could actually benefit a lot through that.

There are some things one could like about this album though. Their songs as a whole aren’t repetitive in pretty much anyway. They always try and bring something new every time they make a record. They experiment a lot on what they are writing about and the overall progression of the song which is good. They seem to be fixed about what they want the fans to listen and infuse those “typical” elements in a very intelligent manner and this may very well be the reason for fans to stick on.

As a whole, the album has a very unique approach compared to what one would expect from a strong rock album. It’s well constructed, as each song is distinctly desirable, carrying with it its own signature while encapsulating the bands original approach to rock and what they seem to think about it. The journey of actually going through the album for the first time might actually seem very distressful if I may say but give the bands stature and their approach, its actually pretty enjoyable. Undeniably, it takes quite a while to get used to. Many people might even find it annoying, but giving it time will work out pretty well for a lot of people as these songs have a very good tendency to grow on you.

Overall the album deserves a good 8/10.

Review By-

Pranav Prasad (Metaljesus Magazine)


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