SHRAP lives up to it’s reputation with their new EP ‘War-Hate’.

Here’s something i would like to talk about the Kolkata’s premier four piece post Thrash/Death/Neolithic Metal outfit,’s new EP ‘War-Hate’.


Shrap which means curse in Hindi,Marathi,Kannada and Sanskrit (yes,I am a multi linguistic nerd) was formed in 2011.I was really awed, by the way Shrap presented things for review. To begin with, the cover art of the EP was mesmerizing and it reflected some professional work out there. What followed next dropped my jaws below the ground.

The never ending list of key achievements was longer than the number of essays I had ever written (No shit). As the presentation proceeded further it covered the media coverage, instrument partners and so on. After the end of it, I was sure I was in for treat tonight.

EP “War-Hate’s” first track “Intro” instantly got my feet tapping, a small package of 1:06 minutes long is a smooth transition from Thrash to Nu-Metal. The production is really impressive.

Eventually, the EP the leads you into track “I Hate You”, with some blast beats in the intro, the post intro section has a few Nu-Metal influences which reminds me of “One Step Closer” by Linkin Park. The heavily down tuned guitars and thumping bass are perfectly placed here. Leading into lightning fast solo and eventually the song concludes with a slow but heavy breakdown. However, there is a slight buzz I can hear on guitars, really unsure whether it is high gain or just my fucked up headphones.

“Terrorist” is an instant head banger; drums are quite remarkable on this one. Palm muted riffs and vocals couldn’t get any better. I could find a lot of Indian musical influences in “No Hope No Mercy”, not because you can hear couple of Adivasis(natives) in the intro. Great song though, they have managed me to surprise all the way.

“War Behind the Enemy Lines” is what it seems to be a fusion of Thrash/Nu/Heavy Metal and they have done it right.

Overall I would love to give them 9/10. The way they presented things, EP, quality music, good production etc. This one band, you just cannot miss. Gotta check them out live soon.

 Reviewed by-

Mahesh Patil (Metaljesus Magazine)


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