Doom Metal band, NECROPOLI from Italy release their debut, ‘I’

Italy’s Doom / Avante Garde Metal band NECROPOLI release their debut,  “I” –



Necropoli from Italy is the best Doom Metal band I have heard in recent times. The band is fusing so many elements that it’s scary – there’s the suspenseful atmosphere, the overwhelming Disembowelment trudging, topped off with experimental industrial touches to make this the soundtrack of some futuristic apocalypse. The production is immaculate, giving life to this strangely pulsating beast, twisting and turning its way around five monolithic tracks. There are layers to this release as if there are multiple lives being led, crossing paths inevitably on ‘I’.

‘I’ is the 5 track debut by Italian doom metal band Necropoli. It’s intense, to say the least. The album starts off with the song “Ashes of my soul”, an intensely atmospheric song that sets the mood for the entire album. Some fine doom metal indeed. Drumming is brilliant, the blast beats in the album are mind blowing. Impressive cymbal work too, intelligent use of chiming and thrashing at appropriate places. Guitars are good, I love how it blends along with the atmospheric feel while maintaining the “metal” aspect of the album. The songs flow at a slow steady pace. Vocals are intense, growls are deep.

You know you feel that sense of trepidation when you’re watching a zombie flick or playing a zombie game, and the character has to walk through some dark deserted place, and you feel like someone’s gonna jump onto you any moment to rip you apart? Yea that’s kinda the feel I got listening to this album. Like playing dark souls. Melancholy, intense, and really scary. Futuristic apocalypse scenes indeed. It’s fuckin’ brilliant. Full props.

Amazing album, all put together. It is indeed some brilliant doom metal, perhaps the best I’ve heard yet this year. My favorite tracks off of the album are “Ashes of my soul”, “Silence awaits me” and “A step”, definitely recommend this one if you’re a fan of the genre!

Review by- Shreerat Kamath (Metaljesus Magazine)


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