Punk is definitely not dead yet. ‘Idols Plague’ manage to stand out as one of the fewer bands managing to retain the essence of ‘Punk Metal’.

For starters, ‘Idols Plague‘ is a two man Punk Metal act from San Diego, California. Idols Plague started out with one motive, that is to bring in your face music with aggressive vocals and send a message to the masses through their lyrics.


Coincidentally, few days ago, I was almost convinced that there are very few good punk metal bands in the metal industry. The flare which was possessed by the bands like “Black Flags” or “The Dillinger Escape Plan” was almost extinct, until I came across these guys. Idol Plague’s EP,”Nursery Crimes” is almost sufficient to restore your faith back into Punk metal.

The EP begins with the first track named as “Sacrifice-Always the Asshole”. Within few seconds the crunchy riffs and the breakdown will get your feet tapping. The double bass fills and pinch harmonics are spot on. The only setback I felt during the first two songs was lyrical content. Let it be the riffs, fills, rolls, breakdowns, there is no compromise on the technicality part, but the lyrics seem to be repetitive.
“Insignificant Other” on the other hand has more melodic screams and a different set of progression comparatively which makes it unique.

Fifth Track from the EP titled as “Y” is sure a Wall of Death opener.
Lightning fast riffs, blast beats is definitely going to break some bones in the pit.
The EP sums up with “FetalJuice”, which shows a little influence from Cannibal Corpse. Managed to stick to the punk roots.


Overall ‘Idols Plague’ have managed to fuse punk, progressive, thrash and they have done it well. However, focus should be shifted little to lyrical and vocal aspects as they are setting a little drawback. But surely we I do have faith in their upcoming materials.

Looking forward at their future albums.
Don’t know about the others, but PUNK is surely not dead.

Review by-

Mahesh Patel (Metaljesus Magazine)



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