Dave Brockie in Memoriam (GWAR) | Metaljesus Magazine


Monday morning, school doesn’t start for another hour. I turn on my computer, no way, it can’t be. I thought he was immortal. Was Godless of the Metalsucks podcast right when he said many a metal celebrity would die? In this case, it would seem that his prophecy rings true, Oderus Urungus is no more. A wonderful and highly intelligent man, Dave Brockie passed away in a chair at his home, on a Sunday night, mere days after finishing a highly lauded Soundwave tour of Australia. The legendary GWAR is over, and as fans all we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best.


The thing that makes Brockie’s death so shocking is the fact that he was a figure of almost mythic proportions. The way he presented his music was unique to say the least. It showed his capacity for invention. His  triumph was the way that he was able to present music in a way that was exciting, dynamic and powerful. No other musician in history, in thousands of years of music, was able to present his work in this way, this shows how much an innovator this guy was. More than this, he was an all around wonderful human being, proving himself to be intelligent and kind, and always giving hilarious, rip roaring interviews.


So now Oderus must be laid to rest, and one of the world greatest metal musicians fades to the beyond. Wipe away your tears my brothers and sisters, it is not what Oderus would have wanted. Instead rise up, embrace the twisted beauty of his music and make sure that this legend will never die. I for one am going to try to make it out to his memorial service August 15th in Richmond at the Gwar B Q. It had always been my dream to be married at one, yet, as with many things, that dream must fade to dust. Remember Oderus with a smile and a laugh, he has left our planet behind and ascended to his home world of Scumdogia.

Written by- 

Matt Bacon (Metaljesus Magazine)



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