DISENTOMB – Interview | Metaljesus Magazine

We are speaking with Australia’s Brutal Death Metal giants DISENTOMB about their upcoming album and lots more, exclusively. Excerpts:

MJM. Hello guys! How are you doing? 

D: Good thanks, Harsha.

MJM. Disentomb has been in the scene just for about 5 years, but you have a long history behind you. How was it to reach such heights in such a quick succession? 

D: We’ve just always put a lot of effort into the band and thankfully so far it has all paid off. When we started out we knew that we wanted to take our music as far as possible so we’ve always put 100 percent into writing, our live show and playing as many different places as possible. It has been four years since we released our debut album but we haven’t had much down time. We have toured overseas, toured Australia multiple times and wrote our second album Misery which will be out soon on New Standard Elite records.


MJM. Who are your major influences?  

D: My personal influences range from a lot of 90’s death metal like Immolation, Gorguts and Suffocation through to newer brutal death metal like Disgorge and Defeated Sanity. I listen to a lot of non metal stuff as well but the bands mentioned above would be my main influences for Disentomb.


MJM. The 2010 album ‘Sunken Chambers of Nephilim’ released through Amputated Vein records attracted a lot Death Metal fans from all over the world. What did you feel like?

D: Personally, I feel like the production was a big let down for Sunken Chambers. Although the songs weren’t bad, they lost a lot of impact due to there not being much clarity and it came out sounding quite dull. If you get a chance to witness them live, they are 10 times more crushing! We definitely don’t have the same problems with Misery though. So far it is sounding exactly how we envisioned. We can’t wait to release it!

MJM. How do you see the current Australian Metal Scene?

D: Well the hardcore/deathcore scene is thriving at the moment with bands like Thy Art is Murder and Aversions Crown gaining huge success recently. The underground scene here is continually growing too with bands like Entrails Eradicated, King Parrot and Portal all coming out with some awesome music in the last couple of years. For a country with such a small population it’s hard to believe how many world class metal bands come from here!

MJM. You have toured with most of the popular bands in the world. Is there a dream tour we fans can expect?

D: Not a dream tour as yet but we’re certainly looking to tour as much as possible after we release Misery. We have done a fair bit of touring in Australia in recent years but we’re still taking baby steps when it comes to the European and US scenes. We will be touring as many places as we can throughout the rest of this year and 2015.

MJM. Is India on cards?

D: We would be stoked to get the chance to play in India for sure! Nothing is on the cards yet but we couldn’t rule it out for the future.

MJM. What can fans expect from the upcoming album?

D: A huge step up in all aspects. Production, composition and execution. I think the songwriting is the thing that has improved the most since Sunken chambers. There is a lot more focus on where the song feels like it needs to go rather just throwing different riffs together. There is still the same basics as Sunken like lots of blasting and groovy riffs but everything feels like it flows and gives off its own atmosphere with Misery.

MJM. It was great talking to you guys. We wish you the very best in the coming days.

D: Thanks for the interview!



Interviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/Chief Editor)


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