[Album Review] KILL OR CURE


Kill or Cure, a surprisingly heavy metal band has done it all.  With their new album, they have set a new hope for modern heavy metal.

From the first track “from Paris to Berlin”, a listener would be confused whether its heavy metal or something other than metal. To be precise, they have given interesting set of progress in their tracks. Do not underestimate them for they are the complete surprise package with the progressing tracks from the start to the end.

Their newly released album kill or Cure has set the name right. They have named their influence from disturbed, Metallica, arch enemy, trivium, iced earth, iron Maiden, within temptation, nightwish and megadeth. Being old school listeners, they have set the music into next level of quality promising music. Comparing them to the international level and also the work done behind is incredibly brilliant. Got to admit, they make you listen to them in a loop rather than a single listen.

Ratings : 90%

To stream their music online :

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– Shwetha Kamath (Metaljesus Magazine)


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