HAMMERFALL have struck hard with their upcoming release Built to Last releasing via Napalm Records this November 4th, 2016. Sweden’s undisputed Traditional Heavy Metal gods have yet again proved what they do best. It’s been quite a long time since I received bands of this genre of metal and finally with this; it feels great! Built to last has left me satisfied in every possible way. Let’s take a look at it.


The album has most definitely smoldered everything in its path; right from the first track Bring it! to the last track Second to none. It peaks towards the end. It’s perfect in its execution and the whole soul of the album is carried well throughout. I think it’s definitely played a major role in maintaining the momentum of the album. The album sounds raw, organic and holds the old school standards in the highest fashion. The production is a class apart and the album’s epitome has been well captured.

Listen to ‘Hammer High‘:

Tracks like Bring it!; Hammer High, Built to last; are among my personal favourite tracks. The traditional guitar parts are pleasant to listen to and the melodies are a mood enhancer and it was an absolute pleasure spinning these. The solos in tracks like Bring it!; Star of Home will tell you what exactly I mean. The drums are stupendous! It fascinates me as to how the two instruments laud each other and are spot on. The variety that you observe will leave you asking for more; particularly in the track Stormbreaker. The vocals are impeccable or if I can find a better term for it. The vocals and the lyrical content are quite inspiring. It’s quite strong and is rebellious, speaking of war, army, battles history; the kind of stuff that grips me! The bass is exciting. The bass patterns will leave you mystified and is very diverse. That’s quite special and has added to the album’s boon. The only drawback is that the album has only ten tracks; but nonetheless this is one of those albums that will go down the history and be remembered for its perfection, in every single department.


Everything in this album is just great and flawless in its execution! Here’s to more Hammerfall!

Ratings: 100%

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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Chief Editor)


ZORNHEYM are a Symphonic Extreme Metal band that has been forged in the cold plains of Stockholm, Sweden by Zorn (ex-DARK FUNERAL). The band has released their single titled- A Silent God extracted from their full length- Where Hatred Dwells, And Darkness Reigns.


The track ‘A Silent God‘ is an ideal example of  how Extreme metal meets symphony the way it was meant to be. This year I have had the opportunity to lay hands on quite a few Symphonic Extreme Metal releases like Darkend, Kratos among others, so my expectation for Zornheym has rocketed. This is one of my personal favourite genres in Metal music and as much as how I enjoy it, the behemothic grandiosity brought about by the dramatic effects is what fascinates me the most. The aggression endorsed by the melodies and the thematic representation is enough to enthrall me.

This track reminds me a lot of Emperor and Dimmu Borgir but in their own unique way that people can perceive their sound with. I think that’s what makes this track designated or maybe the band in turn. The tremolo picking guitars that sound malicious are complimented by terrific drum work and larger than life symphonies that project the song in a fearsome way. The track penetrates setting a a vital force. The vocals add a ferocious image that pummels the overall reception.

Listen to the track here-

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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Chief Editor)

KREATOR announces new album and tour with SEPULTURA/ SOILWORK- 2017!


German Thrash metal legends Kreator have announced the release of their upcoming album titled Gods of Violence. The album is set to release in January, 2017. The album is follow up to their last album Phantom Antichrist which was released in 2012 via Nuclear Blast. The band has set a countdown which you can see when you visit- HERE.

The band will be expecting same response as their last record did all over the globe. The band will also be touring in February through March 2017 to support their new album along with Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted.


The band also added a teaser video on their Facebook page which you can check down bellow. The uncensored version of the same can be found in the site mentioned above.


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DARK TRANQUILLITY hail from Sweden’s very own Gothenburg Scene, which started out with a bunch of other bands that grew together back since the inception. Dark Tranquillity‘s music is characterised with melodies that you can’t not forget and themes that go beyond realms producing a diverse theatrical sound that shows the aggression of Metal yet retaining the essence of the melodies that go parallel. The band is all set to release their new album- Atoma via Century Media Records this November 4th, exploring a new world with its dramatic portrayal and new themes. We are interacting with the front man Mikael Stanne, talking about music, Scandinavia and much more! Excerpts:

MJM. Back in 1991 Dark Tranquillity put out a demo called ‘Trail of Life Decayed’, how much has the band changed today musically and in terms of production and inspiration?

Mikael: Hopefully a lot! We were basically just kids at that time and we experimented our way into writing songs. We had no experience, just excitement and all the time in the world. Our goal was to make music that no one else was doing at the time and those first step toward being original and new were ofcourse important. Nowadays, we still do that but with 27 years worth of experience it´s both easier and harder at the same time.

MJM. Can you tell us why the band is named as Dark Tranquillity?

Mikael: The first proper song we ever wrote was called “Void of tranquillity” and we were very satisfied with it so we decided to name the band after the song. A week or so later we realised that it might be too pretentious and we renamed to Dark Tranquillity. Which to me represents the place where inspiration and creativity comes from.

MJM. Can you tell us the story behind this particular song ‘Derivation TNB’? What does the name mean? What are the musical and lyrical inspirations for that song?

Mikael: As you might be able to figure it out. Its a derivative of the song “the new build”. We took a lot of the elements from that song such as guitar tracks, keyboards, few vocal lines and looped drums and created a new song from it. It was an experiment that happened late in the recording process and I think it turned out to be a very cool and different track.


MJM. Talking about your new album ‘ATOMA’ is due this November, how is it different than the previous albums musically, lyrically and production wise?

Mikael: I think it´s big step forward in terms of songwriting and emotional content. It was written in a way we have not really done before where we had more time with each individual song already months before recording which I think contributed to the directness of the album and since we once again recorded in Rogue Music studios here in Gothenburg we knew what we were doing and it was a great and creative process.

MJM. Is this a concept album? What is the album about?

Mikael: I wouldn’t say its a concept album but there are some themes that runs through the album for sure. One is intolerance and bigotry, one is insecurity and self esteem. Inspiration in this case has come from just seeing the news about what is going on in the world on a global scale but also in terms of how we treat each other. How it seems we have lost our empathy for one another and this fear that I hear about all the time permeates everything we do and feel. I think we should have overcome these very basic territorial notions by now but it´s seems with each step forward we take two steps back.

MJM. Sounds interesting! How long did this album take to finish from pre- production?

Mikael: A year and a half or more. From the first couple of drafts that Anders J wrote to the final mix day.

Listen to the song- Atoma from the new album:

MJM. Tell us about the artwork for this album.

Mikael: Again Niklas has outdone himself. Once again this came from a conversation me and Niklas had about what we felt the album was all about. We agreed that the themes about human nature were central and we also thought that where we are right now as a band should be represented. So three days after this conversation took place Niklas came up with something that I think perfectly shows this. It´s the nucleus of what we are. The beginning of something new and amazing and it speaks of the mysteries of life.

MJM. Anders Iwers of ‘Tiamat’ has been with the band a lot, mostly for live shows. How did you get in contact with him? Has he been part of this album too?

Mikael: Anders is one of my best friends and we have known hims since before the band started so this was very natural to us. And we couldn’t be happier having him in the band. He did a great job on the album and I cannot wait to go out on tour together for real.


MJM. Will Dark Tranquillity be continuing with Century media? How is it working with them?

Mikael: Yes without a doubt. CM has been great to us ever since we signed with them in ’99. They are true music fans and the have great knowledge about the world of music. We have a great relationship with them in terms of never mutual respect. They trust us to do our best and we do the same with them.

MJM. If you had a chance to tour India with another European band, who would that be? Why?

Mikael: Maybe with some of our friends here in the city like In Flames, Evergrey, At The Gates, Hammefall or Monolord.

MJM. How would you see the growth as a Dark Tranquillity?

Mikael: I see it as steady trajectory that always leads to new and better things. We are fortunate I think to not have peaked yet so to speak. We still have a lot more to do and experience and things just keep improving overall.

MJM. What other musicians/ artists do you admire?

Mikael: So many but my biggest heroes are Rush, in particular the lyrics of Neil Peart.

Watch one of the video for the track Iridium taken from their 2011 album- We Are Te Void

MJM. Coming out of the Scandinavian region or more precisely Sweden’s very own Gothenberg scene, which is relatable to the 80’s Floridan Death Metal or Bay Area Thrash metal from USA; how was the scene back in the days?

Mikael: It was small but very intense and passionate. We were just a few bands but we struggled on and we felt like we were doing something different and that drove us forward. Also there was never any competition, we are all friends and we encouraged each other more than anything.

MJM. How do you see the bands of the current era?

Mikael: I am incredibly proud of all the bands from around here, I try so seek out as many of the new and upcoming bands as I can and the scene here is way bigger and better than it´s ever been I think.

MJM. Any favourite bands from the Scandinavian side?

Mikael: Almost all my favourite bands are from around here actually. Faves include Opeth, Soen, Agusa, Monolord, Swithblade, Evergrey, Wintergatan and Spiritual beggars.

MJM. Tell us what comes to your mind when I mention these-


Syria – People in need of help, assistance and more than anything emphaty.

Religion – the root of most of the problems in the world and something there is absolutely no need for anymore.

Century Media – Passionate music geeks doing great work.

Parallel Universes – It remains a theory and an incredibly interesting one but I hold out for evidence.

European Union – Something I am proud we are part of.

Online Piracy – theft is theft no matter how innocent it might seem.

Family – The most important thing in my life.

Atoma – Togetherness through understanding.

Future – Scary and dark.

MJM. Thanks for speaking with us Mikael! We wish you good luck for new album.

Mikael: Thanks!


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Manmeet Singh (Metaljesus Magazine)

I feel record labels still play a very important role in the music industry: MIKE [DEVILDRIVER]

DEVILDRIVER have been an important face in the American Heavy Metal scenario. Nearly a decade and a half into its existence, the band has written some tunes that remains an anthem to many such as, Clouds Over California, End of The Line to name a few. The band recently released their album Trust No One via Napalm Records and have been touring extensively. We are interacting with the guitarist Mike Spreitzer. Here is the quick interview we did. Excerpts:

MJM. Tell us about your early days with DevilDriver. How did the band enter your life?

Mike: When I was in college I joined a band called Grolby along side Jeff Kendrick, John Boecklin and Jon Miller.  The band didn’t last long after I joined and one by one we all eventually became a part of DevilDriver.  I wasn’t part of the first record or the first two tours.  I was supposed to be a temporary replacement when Evan Pitts couldn’t join the band on our first European tour. Shortly after we returned home I was hired on permanently.



MJM. How would you describe the band’s sound? People have always had different views with DD’s style. What goes into the writing? 

Mike: It’s always hard for musicians to describe their own music.  I percieve our music much differently than our fans do.  A lot of people tend to describe us as groove metal.

MJM. You once cited Marilyn Manson as one of your biggest influences. What is that one factor which left an impact in you? 

Mike: I am a huge fan of Marilyn Manson’s early records and Antichrist Superstar is by far my most favourite record of all time.  It had a huge impact on my life when I was 15 years old.  It definitely changed me.  It taught me to focus more on myself and gave me the much-needed confidence I was lacking at that point in my life.



MJM. Back then the band was also signed to Roadrunner Records, until it signed with Napalm Records, 3 years ago. How important is it for a band to have a record label and go ahead with their releases? 

Mike: I feel record labels still play a very important role in the music industry.  It’s not all about recording a record and releasing it.  Promotion and marketing is not an easy thing for a band to do.  A good record label will have the resources a band needs in order for their music to reach a wider audience.

MJM. In 2013/14, the band went on a hiatus during the recording of ‘Winter Kills’; with also in change of members. How did this add to the band’s creative input? 

Mike: The band went on hiatus in 2014 during the writing process for ‘Trust No One’.  Some members were not happy that Dez wanted to put things on hold while he did his reunion with Coal Chamber.  Personally, I was happy to take the time off.  I was in the middle of building a recording studio and moving into a new house.  I felt like it was a good time to take a break and it could not have come at a better time.


Watch the video for Daybreak

MJM. Let’s talk about what you and the guys do on a daily basis. Tell us about the others. 

Mike: When I am home I spend time working with my Dad at his hardware store.  I might take it over one day but haven’t made up my mind yet.  I also work with other bands in my studio doing recording, mixing, and mastering.  I also spend a good amount of time surfing. As far as the other guys in the band and what they do in their spare time, you’ll have to ask them.   It’s not my place to disclose my band mates personal lives with the public.



MJM. You released ‘Trust No one’ recently. Tell us about this album. What was the pinnacle behind it?

Mike: ‘Trust No One’ is by far my crowning achievement since I joined the band.  I was fortunate to take the lead role in the writing process and when Neal and Austin joined the band I felt like I had finally found the best writing team I could find.  They made ‘Trust No One‘ progress from being a good album to being a great album.

MJM. You also played in a band called ESO right from the UK? Is it still active? Are you still involved with them? 

Mike: My involvement with ESO was very little.  I added some guitar tracks to one of their songs.  I became friends with their guitarist Bari Parrot when I saw them at a bar in the UK.  Unfortunately, they disbanded shortly after the record was released.

MJM. What’s your take on religion and spirituality? What’s your conscience? 

Mike:  I’m not a huge fan of religion.  I’m an agnostic.  I believe religion can be a great comfort for some people but I also believe that it can be responsible for some very horrific events.


Listen to My Night Sky

MJM. Any new albums you are looking forward to this year? Metallica perhaps? 

Mike: I’m curious to hear the new Marilyn Manson album when it comes out early next year.  Although, I haven’t been impressed with any of his records since Holy Wood.  But I can always find a few songs on every record that I will like.  I was very impressed with Gojira and Megadeth’s new records that were released this year.  As far as Metallica, I’ve heard two songs so far.  I like them, but I don’t love them.

MJM. DevilDriver have been touring very extensively this year. Any thoughts of coming down to India?

Mike:  I would absolutely love to come to India.  Unfortunately, I have not heard of any concrete plans yet.


MJM. Any bands you enjoy listening to at the moment?

Mike:  Gojira, Whitechapel, Testament and Megadeth.



MJM. Well then, thank you so much for speaking with us. All the best with your endeavours.

Mike: Thanks!

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 Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Chief Editor)

NERGAL [BEHEMOTH]: When I left the hospital after the transplant, I felt like shit, man!

He was sitting in his room quietly reading a book, when I approached him. Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski is a warm, down to earth person who makes you feel good when you are around. Having been active for over two and a half decades or so with BEHEMOTH, the man talks about life, music, getting back on track after the surgery and lots more in this special interview we did, just before their set at Deccan Rock- IV- 2016. Excerpts from the interview

MJM. Hello Adam, thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule and speaking with us. How you doing? 

Nergal: I am just a little bit off you know. I am just tired as I have been travelling since morning from Varanasi to get to this show. I am okay, I’ll be fine. I’ll just take a nap and I’ll be perfect for the show.

MJM. How was your recent trip to Varanasi? We did see some pictures as well. 

Nergal: Varanasi was very inspirational! It was crazy. It was super intense. A lot of things, you know, at the same time, moving in all directions (laughs). Its been two days, so I am still processing everything!

MJM. Behemoth is undoubtedly one of the biggest extreme metal bands to come out of the Polish region. Up to 1998 the band had a very raw sounding, black metal edge to it. When ‘Satanica released in 1998, the band moved towards a heavier sound, incorporating Black and Death metal elements, which was very different compared to the earlier releases. What was the inspiration behind this musical direction? 

Nergal: Well, you know, I don’t see it that way. We’ve got ten records under our belt and we just form our art and that’s it. I leave all these definitions and labelling and stuff you know for the fans. You need it, I don’t (laughs)! I write my music to express myself. I don’t really mind whatever tag people put us in. Whatever works, you know what I mean? It’s certainly metal, it’s not white metal but it’s gotta be dark or anything from dark to tyrannical or extreme stuff! But then again, it’s all definitions, I don’t give a fuck hahaha!


Picture by- Tim Tronckoe Photography

MJM. Talking about the album ‘Satanica’, do you think it laid the foundations for the future albums?

Nergal: I think every album is a brick in a wall. Every record is like a piece of a puzzle it just builds the whole big picture of what this band is all about. So yes, same as Grom and The Satanist. It’s got to be there to build that antecede that Behemoth is.

MJM. So how different was the scene back in the 90’s to how it is today? How do you see the way heavy metal has evolved over the last  two decades or so?


Nergal: Everything is evolving continuously due to the internet and just spreading the information like that! Thanks to the social media. I mean there was the internet in the 90’s but hardly any one had it in Poland. But today it’s on a whole new level, you know what I mean? It just refers to everything, including music, business and anything like that. I mean in our case, it didn’t really change much. You know, I just start with me and my guitar and just jam and come up with ideas in the rehearsal room and then we jam it again. We do it exactly the same way, as we did it in 1991/ 1992, that’s when we started. So with the internet and stuff, I am pretty keen on social media, it’s a cool weapon but our formula hasn’t changed ever since. It didn’t start like all of a sudden, contacting each other and making music through whatsapp. No, we are still old school, the organic way, like a bunch of guys just gather in and just create magic.

MJM. Lets talk about your personal life. Tell us about your family and how they have been supportive of your career. How have things been for you over the years? 

Nergal: It’s been good man, I mean like I have an amazing  family. Very supportive. They never charge me, they never try to convert me to become whatever or pick up a different profession and stuff. No, it was never like that! Its just a bunch of cool people, who are very loving that give me full support. I think the fact that the upbringing allows me to do what I want to, the way I want to because there was a lot of love in my family.


Nergal (left): In his hotel room where we interviewed him.

MJM. Do you listen to any other styles of music? Any artists you listen to off the record?

Nergal: Yeah (smiles)! You know like, there’s plenty. there’s hundreds of artists you know, no matter what I love to listen to. Yeah, its all far from metal but its all antique!

Listen to Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

MJM. Was there a lowest point in your life that you had like to share with us? How did you get through it?

Nergal: You mean lowest point? Well, there has been. I don’t know if its the right place to talk about but in the end of the day, I am just happy with what I have, what I have achieved and what I am now, you know. Obviously, my life has been through a lot of ups and downs and billions of mistakes but that’s something that constituted this persona and brought me to this place. Its all good! (smiles)

MJM. You also opened a ‘Barber shop’ in Poland. What provoked you to start this?

Nergal: I think it’s a very manly thing. It feels good you know, it’s all about aesthetics and the spirit. I know you got plenty of Barber shops in India but there were not very, I mean ten years ago, there were none in Poland. So, it’s like a growing culture. I think its cool, very inspirational, I like it; to do something good for the society, that’s how I see it than just making money, I mean I can fully stand behind and say hey, “this is cool”, “this is honest”. There’s a more well dressed, more good looking ‘man industry’ you know. That’s always good. (smiles).

MJM. Getting back to the music. The Satanist released after your surgery. How did it feel like getting back on track and be mentally and physically apt to the direction you were heading towards? 

Nergal: I had to do a lot of work you know. It didn’t happen just like that. When I left the hospital after the transplant, I felt like shit, man. My muscles were all atrophy you know. I just wasn’t able to do anything other than just laying down and breathing. It took me a while to learn how to stand, how to walk, well, I am exaggerating now but I was super weak! I remember when my muscles were down in mass and the whole process was six months long. I just laid down and didn’t do much of movements. After six months, I had to learn how to run actually. When the first time I started running, I just fell off. I was just building up and building up, I knew that I would come back eventually but it was just a matter of time and I was super determined to just get back on track and I did.


BEHEMOTH– Live in India at Deccan Rock! Picture taken by Behemoth’s crew.

MJM. So you are playing in India for the first time at Deccan Rock, tell us about how you feel?

Nergal: It feels awesome! Its cool. It just feels good to be here in a first time. I mean like, Behemoth has been around for like 25 years or something. I have had that impression that I have played and been there everywhere and then that comes up, you visit a place, India is a pretty metal oriented country, I had say and we still haven’t played, which is a bummer! I was like ‘fuck’ it should have happened like years ago! But its happening for the first time and its super exciting because it keeps us going, it’s awesome! I just hope there’s a few more in the future that we haven’t explored and been to. Whether we are playing in Egypt or Morocco or anywhere, you know that you can play there. Just to expand and to explore and have other territories checked (smiles). That’s it, it’s like an invasion just to go invade a country and infecting people with our music, that’s how I see that.

MJM. What’s your set list going to be for tonight?

Nergal: It’s going to be full The Satanist and some encore that Behemoth ever dreams. You’ll recognise and will love it!

MJM. Well, thank you so much for speaking with us. 

Nergal: Pleasure! Thanks!

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Interviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Chief Editor)

Camera by- Manmeet Singh

KORN premiers music video for ‘A Different World’ featuring Corey Taylor!


Nu Metal giants KORN have released a new music video for their song A Different World featuring Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor off their upcoming album The Serenity Of Sufferingavailable from October 21st on Roadrunner Records.

Watch it here :


Pre-order The Serenity Of Suffering:
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The band will also be on tour during March & April along with Heaven Shall Burn and HELLYEAH. Don’t forget to mark your calendars !