Every week we bring you exclusive premieres that has stunned audiences with new brand of heavy metal music that has been booming up from all parts of the world. Today we premiere Canadian band Anciient‘s track- Ibex Eye taken off the album- Voice of the Void.

Canadian Rock/ Metal outfit ANCIIENTS have released a new song- Ibex Eyes that is rich in it’s melodies and carries a vibe. The track is rich in it’s production and the ambience brought about has pushed the reception a mile ahead.


The growls has added the necessary aggression that has complimented the guitar melodies alongside the clean vocals. This dual vocal combination has definitely embarked upon the grandiosity of the track. The drum pattern has definitely stood ground with it’s gilded tone and pattern. I look forward to how this album would sound.

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Written by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)

DEMONIC RESURRECTION keyboardist ‘Mephisto’ parts ways with the band after 14 years!


Indian Metal veterans DEMONIC RESURRECTION have parted ways with their long term member and keyboardist Mephisto after 14 long years!


” 14 years is a long time. 
In Jan 2003 I joined the band when everyone advised against it.
Ridicule followed. Friends tried to break up the newly formed line-up. We even had stones and cigarette butts thrown at us at Independence Rock.

We endured.
In 2005 we released what is now called a landmark release in the history of Indian Metal – A Darkness Descends. We were changing perceptions. Album after album we pushed our musical and even geographical boundaries by playing at some incredible festivals both in India and abroad. Despite multiple line-up changes, the one thing that remained constant was that rhythm and synth were always in sync.

The upcoming album.
To be honest, it sounds very good. But the creative differences are far too great for me to ignore. And I cannot have that on my conscience. Which is why after 14 glorious years, I’ve decided to step down as an active full-time member of the band.

The future.
At some point I would like to release some music on my own. I wish the band more success. They are not only talented musicians but amazing people too and if they ever need my services to perform live again, I’ll always be available.

Thank you and goodbye.
I’d like to say a special and heartfelt thank you to Demonstealer for providing me with the opportunity to be a part of this awesome journey. The times I’ve spent with the band have been the best. But at this point I believe this is the right thing to do. I hope the fans understand my decision and continue to support the band.” says Mephisto.


Demonic Resurrection are currently in production of their new album slated for release in 2017. Pledge here


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CIVIL WAR reveals new album details!

Sweden’s undisputed Heavy Metal Generals CIVIL WAR are all armed up for their third album- The Last Full Measure. Singer Nils Patrik Johannson says, “After The Killer Angels and Gods & Generals, we are extremely proud and can´t wait to share the last part of the trilogy! This is our best work so far, at least this is what we think, but I´m sure you won´t be disappointed!” 

Packed with a Heavy dose of Metal, Civil War are all set to stun fans with their brand of high voltage performance. The Last Full Mesaure is all set to release on November 4th, 2016. The quintet comprising former Sabaton members present dual guitar work, keyboard parades and double bass-marches. Singer Nils Patrik Johansson proves that his powerful voice is impeccable. The band is currently touring Spain and will soon join forces with giants POWERWOLF this October! Check dates HERE. 

Listen to Civil War‘s- Bay Of Pigs here-

The artworks are shown below-



1             Road To Victory
2             Deliverance
3             Savannah
4             Tombstone
5             America
6             A Tale That Never Should Be Told
7             Gangs Of New York
8             Gladiator
9             People Of The Abyss
10           The Last Full Measure
11           Strike Hard Strike Sure (Bonus Track)
12           Aftermath (Bonus Track)

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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


The moment I heard this track, all I could feel was a sense of brutality and hate that the track slings. A short 1:24 minute track that goes punching and exterminating everything in it’s path!


Hierophant are an Italian Death Metal group who are all set to release their new album- Mass Grave via Season Of Mist on November 4th, 2016. Today we are premiering the track Forever Crucified. As the band comments, “The track ‘Forever Crucified’ is a message of 100% pure hatred against humanity and all the scum that constantly surrounds us. Music is the only real weapon that we have to express our feelings and reaching every single one of you. Don’t conform!”


The song is short yet packs a deadly barrage. Blast beats, heavy guitar work, scraping vocals, groove and the essence of 90’s Death Metal. The track has got everything. Lyrically, the track speaks of hate against mankind and the atrocities that has infested the society. Forever Crucified is malignant and gets you hooked on to it instantly. There’s just absolutely nothing that goes down the same path. The band reminds of legends such as Deicide, Cannibal Corpse to name a few but they have made an interesting approach to their music which pulverises its listeners.

Listen to the track- Forever Crucified here-

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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)

[ROMAN ARSAFES] KARTIKEYA: Our folk metal bands just copy each other

Kartikeya a Russian based Folk metal outfit primarily influenced by Ancient Indian Mythology have been on a high in the recent past. With a name that is so indicative of it’s Indian roots they will leave you surprised with their brand of music. The band has a new full length in place for this year and lots of merchandises in store. Kartikeya is noted for their theatrical stage presence that builds a universal appeal among it’s audience and the writing style goes unparalleled. Here we are interacting with Roman Arsafes, the band’s primary song writer.

MJM. What was the driving force or inspiration for choosing the name ‘Kartikeya’ for the band? What were the possible names that came to mind during the process?

Roman Arsafes: We just wanted a name that’s unique for a metal band and, of course, shows our connection with our Hinduism inspiration. So after some research we picked Kartikeya.


MJM. With a genre like this, what have played an important role in influencing your style of music?

RA: Oh, lots of artists actually! For example Nile, Behemoth, Meshuggah, Devin Townsend, Orphaned Land, just to name a few.

MJM. Who writes the lyrics?

RA: I do. All our lyrics are written by me.

MJM. Apart from music, what are the other things you do in your leisure time?

RA: Well, apart from music, I try to spend maximum time with my wife and family, self-develop, love to travel a lot and just strive to live a healthy and interesting life!

MJM. What could you say about the popularity of Folk Metal in Russia?

RA: Our folk metal mainly consists of Slavic-oriented bands. That scene is pretty big here but nowadays people are starting to get fed up with it, because most of our folk metal bands just copy each other and sadly the amount of really interesting and authentic bands in this genre is pretty small.

MJM. What is your opinion about the record industry today? Do you feel opinionated about the recent developments? 

RA: Despite the common opinion that it is in a bad state, I absolutely disagree! It’s a really interesting time for music now and for heavy music particularly – people have all the tools to self-promote right under their fingertips. So if you have talent, awesome material and a good work ethic, then nothing will stop you from doing music for a living.


Photo by Bojan Stevanovic

MJM. What keeps all the band members motivated to continue what you are doing?

RA: Passion for music and loving our songs, mainly!

MJM. Getting back to the music. What is the new song, ‘The Golden Blades’ all about?

RA: The Golden Blades is a hymn of free people. Free from negativity, parasitic politics, racism and other useless crap. So you can call “The Golden Blades” our semi-utopic enclave and its kind of the Kartikeya band members’ and fans’ union. And so i decided to write a song about it.

Listen to Kartikeya‘s- The Golden Blades

MJM. So this means that the band is working on a full length?

RA: Yes, exactly! We actually have all the songs ready, just need to work on some arrangements and record vocals and some interesting instrumentation here and there.

MJM. Are you guys planning to tour India anytime soon?

RA: We would really love to tour India! I mean it would be totally logical, right? But sadly we didn’t get any serious offers, so we’re eagerly waiting for an opportunity to play in India!

MJM. I am sure people will look forward to it. It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thanks a tonne! Take care. 

RA: Thanks a lot for the interview! Good luck!

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Sunaina Pal (Metaljesus Magazine)


Tamas Katai‘s brainchild THY CATAFALQUE‘s upcoming full length Meta, has induced a gut reaction amongst most die-hard listeners who have been impatiently waiting for this much anticipated release via Season Of Mist this September 16th, 2016.

SOM397-Thy Catafalque-1500X1500px-300dpi-RGB

Today we are premiering the full length album- Meta; one that sounds much heavier, exploring the depths of Black and Doom Metal with the semblance of Death Metal; producing one of their most atmospheric release till date. The album features two vocalists who have taken the guest spots, Lambert Lédeczy and clean vocal passages bestowed by Gyula Vasvári. 

Almost two decades of Avante- Garde metal and a number of line up changes later, Thy Catafalque has splendidly written this album that can mesmerize you with its melodies and also incinerate you with its rapacious guitars and harsh vocals that are spot on. The song ‘Siraly’ has its moments. It is presented in the most dramatic fashion and the melodies will rub you to a stellar experience. The following track ’10^(-20) Angstrom’ has thunderous double bass work that is charismatic and the keyboards has added an extra dimension. Notably, the aggression brought about in others like ‘Ixion Duun’ or the longest track ‘Malmok Jarnak’ will shock you over, with their brand of Avante-Garde music, showing traces of Medieval music to synthesizers that are used effectively that creates vibe. I think it is marvellous. It brings about a brand new outlook for the entire album, one that turns a notch higher!

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Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)


IF HOPE DIES is the only band that plays Metal hailing from the town of Sukna in the state of West Bengal, India. Having played several shows and independent gigs; the band has put out their debut release that is titled after their hometown that goes by the same name- Sukna. Was it a local sentimental touch to their debut release? Maybe. It was quite a package that I received and a very thoughtful front cover that the band has used to indicate their roots. Let’s talk about the album now.


The album blows with five tracks that are groovy and carries a thrust. Sukna is quite a release for a debut. The album is fine with elements of groove and brutality and is decorous with chunky breakdowns. The vocals were able but I feel it sounds a bit harped on. Tracks like ‘Hurry Burry Spoils the Curry’, ‘He Implodes’ sound apt musically but lyrically I feel that the band could have worked a little more. Djent influenced guitars sound a bit overlayed in certain areas but manage to clear out with a better production; The backing vocals in tracks like ‘The Eternal Mindfuck’ and ‘He Implodes’ seemed to divert the listeners and lags the flow and I personally felt that the band could have done away with that. The drums are programmed, which I honestly do not mind or comment about it at all, as it’s the band’s call but it has been executed quite precisely.

For a band that has worked hard for putting out this debut release- Sukna; this is definitely not bad but it can only act as the beginning of something bigger and better in the days to come. IF HOPE DIES can definitely show improvements in certain areas and can surely come out stronger, provided they also work a little more on their sound that will definitely hoist a stronger gist. Sukna is meant for fans who enjoy Groove Metal with Core influences powered by strong Djent flavoured guitar styles. Its heavy! Nevertheless, the album has its moments. More power to them!

Ratings- 70%


  1. Intro
  2. Hurry Burry Spoils The Curry
  3. The Eternal Mindfuck
  4. He Implodes
  5. Brothers


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Reviewed by-

Harsha Vardhan (Metaljesus Magazine– Owner/ Chief Editor)